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Did you know there are now SURVIVORS of Alzheimer’s?

Helping You Put an End to the Legacy of Alzheimer’s in your family with a clinically tested approach shown to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

Neuroscience, Nourishment + Natural Body Healing

“Yes, we can, return Alzheimer’s to the rare disease it once was.”

Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD

Discover the unique ways that neuroscience and metabolic health are foundational to the End of Alzheimer’s Protocol, also known as the Bredesen Protocol … and why and how this simply better way of living delivers RESULTS that repair, rejuvenate, and keep your brain resilient and healthy at any age. 

Hi, I’m Mary Lou, the Women’s Brain Health Expert.  I spread the Good News About Alzheimer’s that it’s Reversible and Preventable.

Through our work together and my focused mission to serve you from where you’re at right now, I …

  • Empower Women … Two-thirds of people with Alzheimer’s are women.  We can be the warrior tribe that puts an end to Alzheimer’s.
  • Bring Hope + Healing to families who have a history of cognitive decline … You can be the generation in your family that puts an end to Alzheimer’s.
  • Be Your Trusted Brain Health Resource that eliminates mis- and dis-information and brings clarity to the latest in neuroscience and metabolic health to support you in your quest for optimal and lifelong brain health.

I do my best work with women in their 40s with a family history of Alzheimer’s, overcome their fear, anxiety, and overwhelm of the disease and get to a place of calm and curiosity so they can adopt the simple lifestyle steps of healing and prevention.

I never set out to be a Brain Health Expert and Educator.

After a series of life events, my own health challenges and discoveries about my own family’s history with cognitive decline have led me to a place where I can use my challenges to present you with new opportunities and real natural body healing.

Mary Lou Tierney - brain health expert

As a former caregiver to my brilliant, PhD-minted mother who later suffered from vascular dementia, I’ve got a precious lens from which I meet you within a heartfelt, soul-filled and safe place to teach and coach you.

Together, we’ll bring about the optimal brain health you never thought … yet always dreamed … would be possible.

Let’s do this and Let’s chat!

3 Ways to Work with Me

Whether it’s through customized 1:1 Coaching, like-minded and supportive Groups or through my dynamic Insight to Action Courses, you’ll feel seen and heard like NEVER before.

Because I’ve been there.

When we work together, we work as a Team on the Whats, Whys and Hows to move your brain health and life beyond your wildest dreams all while reducing and removing your risks of cognitive decline.


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Achieve a winning mindset and lifestyle designed to defeat Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline with simply better lifestyle steps.

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Mary Lou Tierney